What to Expect

If you have any questions about our child care grants, please contact Sonja Banks at program@seattlemilkfund.org or 206.526.7944.

The 2018 Child Care Grant Application was open April 2-May 18, 2018, for funding beginning fall 2018. The application is now closed. Please complete the Interested Student Form if you would like to be considered for a One-Time Child Care Grant. Our One-Time Child Care Grants are typically awarded later in the school year when additional funding may become available.

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I want to get my degree, how can Seattle Milk Fund help?

Child care is expensive, and it can be a major barrier for parents who want to get their first higher education degree. Seattle Milk Fund’s Child Care Grant Program awards child care grants to low-income families while one or both parents attend school full-time.

If I am already in school, can I still receive funding?

Students can be new to college, returning to college, or already enrolled and on the road to completing their first degree.

How do I get accepted into the program?

Complete an initial application starting in April. Once we receive your application, we will review the materials provided to ensure that you meet our eligibility requirements. We will then notify you as to whether you will move on to an interview with our program committee, or if your application is declined.

If you are contacted for an interview, please know that the interview is in a relaxed setting. If you need to bring your child/ren with you, that is perfectly okay.

If you do not meet the requirements for our Child Care Grant Program, you may be eligible for a one-time child care grant or scholarship.

What kind of support will I receive?

Each student parent accepted into the Child Care Grant Program may be awarded up to $2,000 per child (depending on the child’s age and cost of child care), per quarter (paid directly to the parent’s preferred licensed child care provider).

In addition, each student is matched with a Seattle Milk Fund Advocate who offers support and encouragement from day one through graduation day.

How flexible is your program?

Students are allowed to change their major once while in the program. If a student is placed on probation for not meeting our minimum eligibility requirements for one quarter, they will continue to receive funding. However, if a student does not meet our minimum eligibility requirements for a second time, they will forfeit their place in the program. Students can also take one quarter off (for any reason) and not lose their place in the program (funding will be suspended for that quarter). Students who opt to take off for one quarter will not be eligible to receive a probationary quarter, as their quarter off would be considered their probation quarter.

Once I am in the program, what will be expected of me?

All granteesin the Child Care Grant Program will need to submit a renewal application for EACH QUARTER they are in school. In order to receive funding, all paperwork must be submitted on time. Students are responsible for notifying Seattle Milk Fund prior to the start of each quarter if any of the minimum eligibility requirements will not be met.

We expect students to be committed to their educational and career goals, and to making a difference in their community after graduation. The availability of funding for our program is dependent on the success of our fundraising events held throughout the year. Grantee participation is critical to this success, therefore we expect all grantees to participate in at least one Seattle Milk Fund event each year.

Why are you called “Seattle Milk Fund”?

As one of the longest-running charitable organizations in the state, we have been fueling families’ futures since 1907. Read more about our history and name here.