One-Time Child Care Grants and Scholarships

We are grateful to have additional funding opportunities for parents who are furthering their education. If you do not fit within the requirements for our Child Care Grant Program (which is a recurring grant program for parents working toward their associate and bachelor’s, or master’s degrees), we offer the additional funding opportunities.

Marlene Falkenbury Scholarship Fund
A one-time child care scholarship for low-income parents who are enrolled in a graduate program at a university at an approved school. This scholarship is open to students who have not received funding in the past from Seattle Milk Fund.

Lorraine Bartleson Scholarship Fund
One-time child care scholarships are available throughout the year for low-income parents who are working toward their first certificate at a college in King, Pierce, or Snohomish County. This scholarship application is open to parents who have not received funding in the past from Seattle Milk Fund. Awardees can apply for funding from Seattle Milk Fund’s Child Care Grant Program in the future.

Please complete the Interested Student Form if you would like to be considered for a One-Time Child Care Grant. Our One-Time Child Care Grants are typically awarded later in the school year when additional funding may become available.

Please call us at 206-526-7944 to inquire about additional child care funding opportunities.

Scholarships funds were made possible by the generosity of Marlene Falkenbury and Lorraine Bartleson and their families.