Board & Staff

Board of Trustees

Terry Dessert, President, Small Business Owner:

“I support Seattle Milk Fund because of the brilliant success rate of our student parents and their children. Having helped care for my own grandchildren, I am well aware of the positive impact of safe and nurturing care while a parent attends school or works to provide for their family.”

Paula Whitham, Vice President, Real Estate Broker – Retired:

“I support Seattle Milk Fund because its program empowers low-income parents and their children to use education as a way of becoming self-sufficient with its two-generational approach.”

Wanda Urquhart, Secretary, Virginia Mason Medical Center – Retired
Ross Dessert, Treasurer, Boeing Executive – Retired

Carolyn Banks
, Liberty Mutual Surety:

“I support Seattle Milk Fund because, without others’ support, I would not have been able to earn my MBA while having 2 kids under 5. My education had a big and positive impact on me and my family’s lives, and this is my way of giving back.”

Vicky Gannon, Small Business Owner:

“I support Seattle Milk Fund because in its evolution over the past 100 plus years it has made a huge contribution toward changing peoples lives. I firmly believe the best chance for a better life is through education, and Seattle Milk Fund is making this possible for parents getting their college education by providing childcare assistance. Seattle Milk Fund is also giving their children a start at a better education with their early childhood education opportunities.”

Kay Gullberg, Community Member
Lindsay Miller,
Jane Pedersen, Registered Nurse – Retired
Jennie Rogers, Office Manager/Bookkeeper – Retired

Sue Tong, Nordstrom – Retired:

“I support Seattle Milk Fund because making child care more affordable for low-income parents who are attending college contributes to a productive future for both the parents and their children.”

Linda Williams, Small Business Owner – Retired:

“I have supported Seattle Milk Fund for the past 49 years because its goal has always been to assist families in need. In more recent years, the focus has been to support low-income parents in their efforts for higher education resulting in self-sustaining employment.  This is accomplished on multiple levels one being assistance toward the cost of their child care as they pursue their educational goals. It is an approach that is encouraging, supports accountability, and values parenting.”

Advisory Board Members

Tracy Aiken,
Carolyn Banks, Liberty Mutual Surety
Terry Dessert, Small Business Owner
Robyn Duckett
, University of Washington, Foster School of Business student
Lindsay Dygart, Branding Freelancer
Debbie Geddes, Nordstrom, retired
Bryn Heger,
Lynn Murphy, Community Member
Jennie Rogers, Office Manager, Bookkeeper, retired
Brooke Van Eyk, Wells Fargo
Paula Whitham, Real Estate Broker, retired
Heather Wiggins Berger
, Community Member
Maggie Wilson
, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Committee Directors

Terry Dessert, Executive Committee Chair
Heather Wiggins Berger, Advisory Board Chair
Ross Dessert, Finance Committee Chair
Paula Whitham, Nominating Committee Chair


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Maggie Skinner, Executive Director, manages Seattle Milk Fund. From her beginnings in public radio to encouraging arts funding and supporting health and education initiatives, Maggie has focused her 20-year career on providing development, marketing, and communications management for nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies. Maggie graduated from the University of St. Thomas in journalism and public relations.
206.526.7944 x 1

Sonja Banks, Operations Director, was a small business owner and longtime volunteer with Seattle Milk Fund before joining the staff. As Operations Director, she oversees the organization’s administrative tasks, and keeps our program running smoothly. Sonja also acts as a liaison for our large volunteer base.
206.526.7944 x 2

Meg Alley, Development Manager, supports all of Seattle Milk Fund’s fundraising efforts. She got her start fundraising for an environmental organization in Cleveland, Ohio and later spent ten years raising funds for a nonprofit adoption and foster care agency. Meg holds a degree in literature and creative writing from The University of Montana, along with a certificate in fundraising management from The University of Washington.
206.526.7944 x 3

Rachel Sanchez, Program and Community Outreach Manager, supports our flagship Family Connections Program and provides resources and guidance to our 51 families throughout the academic year. She specializes in program development and community building and has spent over 12 years in the nonprofit sector serving a wide variety of populations, including low-income families, students obtaining a degree, and small business owners. Rachel holds a bachelor’s degree in social work, and a master’s degree in public policy.
206-526-7944 x 4