Even as a little girl, Claudia had always dreamed of being a scientist. But her home was filled with abuse, forcing her to choose between staying in high school or continuing to live with horrific beatings. After dropping out, she drifted into an adult relationship that turned into a nightmare of domestic violence. She’d earned her GED, but college was out of reach as she struggled to become emotionally and physically healthy after decades of abuse.

By the time Claudia and Lynn moved to Seattle, they were homeless. Still, Claudia clung to her dream of getting a higher education. But how could she go to school and still be able to afford day care for her 4-year-old child?  At an average cost of $1,000 a month1, childcare far exceeded the cost of rent on the apartment they eventually found.

Today, Claudia is studying physics, calculus and computer science full-time at North Seattle Community College while Lynn is safely cared for each day at the college’s on-site day care center. Claudia recently earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average and will soon graduate with an associate’s degree. She plans to eventually earn a Ph.D. in theoretical physics.

“Seattle Milk Fund stepped in when there was no other support for me to get the daycare I needed for my daughter – not government assistance, not another nonprofit, no one,” Claudia says. “Seattle Milk Fund helped remove the barrier that stood in the way of my ability to earn my degree, eventually secure a good paying job, and create the kind of life that I want and deserve – a life that once seemed so out of reach for me. Your contributions to Seattle Milk Fund have made this all possible for me.  Thank you.”

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