New Policy Agreement

**All current and new students will need to sign the Seattle Milk Fund Student Policy Agreement Form before receiving funding from our program.**

Applicants Must:

  • Have residential custody of a child. Children must be under 12 years of age and enrolled in a licensed childcare program of your choosing. We fund licensed childcare programs that provide full-time or part-time (before/after school) care for children 12 years of age or younger including full day kindergarten at a public school, only.
  • Attend an approved college or university in King County, Wash. This includes: Bellevue College, Cascadia Community College, Green River Community College, Highline Community College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, North Seattle College, Renton Technical College, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle University, Shoreline Community College, Seattle Central College, South Seattle College, University of Washington (Bothell or Seattle Campuses). Students do not have to live in King County, just attend school in King County.
  • Be enrolled for a full course load of 12 credit hours. The exception is Summer Quarter, which is optional, and requires 10 credit hours. Audited classes (which don’t issue a grade) do not count toward the total credit hour requirement. Exceptions to this requirement may be considered on a case-by-case basis for students with required externships.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 or greater, each quarter.
  • Be pursuing completion of their first associate or bachelor’s degree. We do not fund Master’s level students or students who have a previous degree in an unrelated field.
  • Applicants must be able eligible for Federal Student Aid and be able to provide a FAFSA Student Aid Report.
  • Meet our income guidelines. Your adjusted gross income from the previous tax year must not exceed 250% of the federal poverty measure for your family. The 2016 guidelines* are as follows:
  • Family Size 2016 Poverty Guideline 250%
    2 $16,020 $40,050
    3 $20,160 $50,400
    4 $24,300 $60,750
    5 $28,440 $71,100
    6 $32,580 $81,450
    7 $36,730 $91,825
    8 $40,890 $102,225

*For additional information on the guidelines, visit: