CianaAs we move into the holidays and CookieFest, we wanted to highlight a previous Seattle Milk Fund recipient. Ciana is a recent graduate of South Seattle College’s Pastry and Baking Arts Program. After graduation she began working as a production baker at Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Workshop, one of Seattle’s most highly-regarded bakeries. Way to go Ciana!

“Seattle Milk Fund made it possible for me to pursue my love of baking, and for my children to receive an early education. Our family is so grateful.”

Both South Seattle College and Tom Douglas Restaurants will be at CookieFest this year with their delectable treats to support families like Ciana’s. Thanks!



“Without Seattle Milk Fund’s support I would not have been able to engage in research and make significant progress with my Bachelor’s Degree and make some cool contributions to science.”-Cristian, current University of Washington-Seattle student

Cristian is a McNair Scholar studying microbiology with an interest in public health. He hopes to go on to graduate school and receive his PhD. He works at the Center for Infectious Disease Research running his own independent project deciphering current known P.falciparum [malaria causing agent] virulence factors such as PfEMP1 proteins structure and function while the larger focus is on developing approaches to uncovering innovative immune evasion strategies to aid in vaccine design. Cristian is working simultaneously at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation conducting surveillance on dengue in addition to infectious disease modeling and forecasting.

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Holiday Family Support Drive

Dear Friend of Seattle Milk Fund,

Seattle Milk Fund is holding a Holiday Family Support Drive to provide our families with personalized holiday baskets in celebration of the holidays and New Year. Our families rely on the year-round support they receive from our donors, especially at the end of the year.

Seattle Milk Fund students are determined and ambitious (they have a 95% success rate and average a 3.5 quarterly GPA while in our program). Many have full- or part-time jobs. All are parents.

Our families are trying to make ends meet every day. Seattle Milk Fund child care and family support grants help parents get ahead in life and in their careers. When parents complete their first higher education degree, they can begin working at a higher paying job. This translates to stronger financial futures for our local families. The grants also give their children a great start in life by receiving a valuable learning opportunity that they might not otherwise have.

We are raising funds to purchase gift cards so that parents can purchase gifts, food, or basic need items for over the holidays. These gift cards will be placed in a basket along with cards and personalized stocking stuffer-like gifts for everyone in their family.

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CookieFest, Saturday, Dec. 12 @ Seattle Center’s Armory Loft

Join us for CookieFest 2015!

Oct. 26, 2015

CookieFest 2015—Seattle’s Ultimate Pop-Up Bake Sale—Saturday, Dec. 12
A festive new venue + more bakeries than ever before=more holiday deliciousness!

SEATTLE— CookieFest 2015 is Seattle’s ultimate pop-up bake sale! Local pastry artisans unite to sell thousands upon thousands of delectable, holiday-inspired treats for a good cause. Start your holiday excursion at CookieFest during Seattle Center’s Winterfest on Saturday, Dec. 12 at 10 a.m.

All proceeds from CookieFest go to Seattle Milk Fund’s Child Care & Family Support Program. Seattle Milk Fund provides child care grants and family support to low-income, full-time students at King County colleges and universities. While parents are in school, their children receive a valuable learning opportunity in a licensed, quality child care facility or preschool. Seattle Milk Fund helps parents realize their higher education potential, which can create a brighter and more stable financial future for their families.

What:           Seattle Milk Fund’s Annual CookieFest, cookies are priced at $15 per dozen or $1.50 each.

When:           Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015 at 10 a.m. New start time! In years past, cookies have been boxed up by 12 noon. This year, expect a 2 to 3 hour-long sale.

Where:          Seattle Center’s Amory Loft, parking is conveniently available surrounding Seattle Center. Suggested lots include the Memorial Stadium Lot or the Fifth Avenue Lot next to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Do CookieFest like a pro:

  • There will be bakery boxes on hand, however feel free to bring cookie tins or Tupperware. Also, a bag to hold your sweet confections would be a good idea. #cookiefestexpertmove
  • CookieFest loyalists typically begin arriving about an hour before opening. Once the doors open, the line moves fast. #cookiefestlove
  • Nothing goes better with cookies than milk—enjoy FREE milk from Darigold! #milkandcookiefest
  • Start your holiday excursion at CookieFest and stay to enjoy family-friendly Winterfest programming at Seattle Center. #cookiefestmeetswinterfest

“For the past several years it has been a joy to support Seattle Milk Fund’s CookieFest,” said Laura Copenhaver, Director of Admissions for LeCordon Bleu Seattle. “Those who purchase cookies from Le Cordon Bleu at CookieFest will be given a ‘Kitchen Pass,’ which will allow you to sit in on an actual class.”

2015 participating bakers and bakeries include: Aegis Living, Arctic Club, Bothell High School Culinary Arts, Columbia City Bakery, Fancy Free Bakery, Flying Apron Bakery, Grand Hyatt Seattle, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Little Rae’s, Mighty-O Doughnuts, Newport High School Culinary Arts, On Safari Foods, PCC Natural Markets, Queen Bee Coffee Shop, Renton Technical College, Schwartz Brothers, Seattle’s Own Shortbread, South Seattle College, Skydottir Epic Cookies, Tom Douglas Restaurants, West Seattle High School, and more!

CookieFest is sponsored by Macy’s, National Frozen Foods, and Darigold.

Visit for additional information about CookieFest.

About Seattle Milk Fund
As one of Washington’s longest-running charitable organizations, Seattle Milk Fund has been fueling families’ futures since 1907. Students are provided a quarterly child care grant of up to $1,300 per child, and a quarterly family support grant of $450 per family.

In 2013-2014, Seattle Milk Fund presented a total of $261,548 in grants to local families. Since changing its giving focus in 1965 to provide higher education and family support grants, and in 1990 to include child care grants, Seattle Milk Fund has awarded more than $16M to local families.


A Successful Benefit Luncheon!

We had a lovely Benefit Luncheon on Sept. 22. Seattle Milk Fund members, donors, and new friends gathered to celebrate our students’ achievements. Our guests and those who were unable to attend were very generous. We received a grand total of more than $45,000. All donations go directly to the Child Care & Family Support Program. Thank you for being a part of the Seattle Milk Fund Family!


We were Tierraso pleased to hear from our student speaker, Tierra, during the recent Seattle Milk Fund Benefit Luncheon. In Tierra’s own words, here is her inspiring story.

I am a fighter! I would not have believed that about myself four years ago. But, as it turns out, I am a fighter. I have been through a lot in my life. And these obstacles have made me stronger.

Before I went back to school, I worked full-time at the mall as a security dispatcher. It was the same routine every day and I did not enjoy what I was doing.

My educational journey began in winter of 2010. I had just been laid off and figured I would go back to school. I started off at Edmonds Community College. I was on the Dean’s list every quarter—I did very well.

In the midst of my education, there was a part of me that was having a very hard time coping with the traumas of my childhood and those issues came out in addiction problems that I had. I took a medical withdrawal and got into treatment.

My daughter stayed with her grandma for three months while I got better. It was the longest we had ever been away from one another. It was so difficult. We missed each other terribly.

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