Seattle Milk Fund empowers parents toward higher education opportunities by funding child care grants and providing family support. Seattle Milk Fund’s goal is for parents to realize their higher education potential, which can create a brighter and more stable financial future for their families.

146 million Americans are low income or poor.

The income status of children under the age of 18, by parental education is as follows:


Children are less likely to be poor when their parent has some college education.
And this is precisely where Seattle Milk Fund leverages our resources.

What students receive:

Our families are one or two parent households whose income falls within 250% of the federal poverty guideline.  Each grantee receives:

  • childcare grant(s) of up to $1300.00 per quarter/per child
  • a family support grant of $450.00 per quarter
  • emergency financial support and encouragement

85% of our grantees successfully complete each academic quarter

“Without the help from Seattle Milk Fund I would not be able to be in school right now. Without the child care assistance, we could not afford for me to not be working. I’m graduating in about four months, and I have a job lined up already. I’ll be making considerably more money than I was making before school. I’ll be working as a software developer. I’ve gone from a field that was struggling to one that is highly in demand. It’s definitely changing the direction for our family.”-John
Current Seattle Milk Fund Grantee

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