Thank YOU!

An enormous THANK YOU to our donors, sponsors, members and volunteers who made this year’s Homecoming event a success!

Last night, YOU raised $166,000 to help students and their families. A fun time was had by all! More photos to be posted soon…

PicMonkey Collage

Next Sunday is Homecoming!

Weekends in Seattle are reserved for showing off your Seahawk pride. And, at this year’s Homecoming we are not short on blue and green. We’ll have Seahawks Football tickets, Seahawks Jerseys (including an autographed jersey of a certain Superbowl Winning QB!); Seahawks Game Day Baskets; and handmade jewelry and sweaters in blue and green. A little something for every Seahawks fan.



9 Days Until Homecoming!

The items for our auction sure are looking swell this year, with hotel stays, tickets to attractions, theater shows, music performances and sporting events–you could stay busy around Seattle this year. Did we mention more than 35 gift cards to restaurants for every occasion? From Seattle favorites Dick’s Burgers to Canlis and everything in between–the auction is definitely a recipe for fun (and of course those very polite bidding wars)!

10 Days Until Homecoming!

From preparing auction items to checking guests out at the end of the night–volunteers make Homecoming a successful fundraising event. While many have signed up, we still have a few open positions. We are looking for auction spotters, auction runners, and table monitors, for our event on Sunday, Oct. 19 at Lynnwood Convention Center.

Please call 206-526-7944 to volunteer. Come for the entire evening or for an hour or two, every volunteer helps!

11 Days Until Homecoming!

If you haven’t purchased raffle tickets yet–there’s still time!

Winners will shop, chill out, and work out with a $1000 Nordstrom Gift Card, a 55″ JVC Smart TV, or Fitbit. One could be yours! Look for the raffle tickets sellers (you can’t miss ‘em!) at Homecoming. This year, tickets are 1 for $10 or 3 for $25.

Raffle Prizes


12 Days Until Homecoming!

Our terrific all-volunteer, auction-item-procurement team has been working very hard! For the last several months, they have been finding exciting auction items to help make Homecoming a success. Thank you to Debbie Geddes, Jennie Rogers, Bonnie Meyers, Janet Haltom-Ames, and Lynn Murphy for putting in many hours and discovering some truly awesome auction items.

For the next 12 days we’ll be giving you a peek of what you’ll find at Homecoming this year…

Thank you to Circle Members and The Board of Trustees who have donated items for the many lovely baskets we will be auctioning off. From a Garden Cart Basket to several Holiday-Inspired Baskets–these baskets are filled to the brim with creativity and fun!

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Homecoming Volunteers Needed

WhenYouVolunteerWeGrow(Framed).jpgWhether you are someone that loves to mingle or crunch numbers, we could use your help in one or more Homecoming volunteer positions.

Volunteers make our events possible!

By filling roles from registration to check out, and everything in between, our energetic, fun volunteers, in all ages, take on roles from ticket sales to overseeing our silent auction tables, assisting guests with bidding.  More seasoned volunteers bring their detailed skills to manage registration, check out, accounting, and our silent auction process.

Volunteer roles can be as short as an hour to the full extent of the event, and just about anywhere in between. We welcome back our seasoned volunteers as well as first time volunteers.

New this year, we invite SMF’s current grantees and alumni to join us for the Kick Off Party, as a member of our SMF Homecoming Court, as well as join your fellow volunteers by fulfilling one or more of our roles listed below, if so interested.  As a member of our Homecoming Court, you are the reason our guests attend, they love to hear your stories.  Simply mingle with guests, sharing your SMF experiences thus far.

Whether a grantee, a seasoned volunteer or a new friend, please check out our volunteer list below:

Day of Volunteer Roles:

  • Silent Auction Set Up -  (7:00 am – 3:00 pm) – Under the supervision of our Volunteer Leads, assist with setting up silent auction tables, activities, and dining room set up. Depending on the number of volunteers, this role may run shorter or longer than noted.
  • Clean Up - (8:30 – 9:30 pm) – Confirm all auction items are retrieved by the winners and all auction tables are vacant of any items; assist guests with deliveries to their cars as necessary; remove all garbage from dining and auction tables and all SMF debris (decorations, brochures, papers etc.) are boxed up; help to sort and package all event supplies into cars to be returned to SMF; other tasks as necessary. Depending on the number of volunteers, this role may run shorter or longer than noted.
  • Ticket Sales - (3:00 – 6:15 pm) – (4 roaming sellers, 2 stationary sellers, 2 Golden Ticket Sales) The role requires energetic individuals prepared to approach guests to sell tickets.  One seller and one recorder are paired to sell tickets and gather guest demographic information. This is a fun role for two young friends willing to dress fun with possibly a tiara or something fun to easily identify you to our guests.
  • Spirits Wheel of Fortune Game (3:00 – 6:15 pm)- (3 roles) One recruiter, observer, and recorder will be stationed to encourage and assist guests with participating in the activity.  Guests will spin a wheel and earn a wine, champagne or spirit, according to the tier their wheel lands upon. Volunteers will encourage guests to play, record their bid number and times they play, and assist them with the collection of their winning wine, champagne or spirits. Runners will collect activity record sheets from time to time to record in the event’s database.
  • Photo Booth  (3:00 – 6:15 pm) – (2 roles) – Invite guests to participate in our upscale “Selfie”; encouraging guests to use our props to create memorable moments of their evening.  The activity is complimentary for our guests.
  • Registration (2:00 – 6:15 pm) – (4) – greet guests, hand out packets, confirm all demographic data is obtained/correct, answer questions
  • Check Out (6:15 – 9:30 pm) – (2) – All guests will be encouraged at registration to participate in Quick Check, which allows guests to leave the venue knowing they will receive their detailed receipt via email.  For the few that choose not to participate in Quick Check, their cards must be ran at the end of the night, and/or a check/cash must be collected.  Although rare, a few may elect to check out the evening of.  Volunteers familiar with Maestro Soft Auction Pro software are encouraged to assist in this role.  An SMF lead will coordinate these roles.
  • Runners (3:00 – 9:00 pm) – (4) – run recorded papers between ticket sellers, recorders and the check out to ensure that all purchases are recorded prior to the end of the night and so we can have tallies of how well the event is doing by the end of the night.
  • Spotters (7:00 – 9:00 pm) – (4) – placed strategically throughout the dinner room, spotters watch for bidders and stand close to them as they are bidding during the live auction.  The goal is to make sure the auctioneer does not miss any guest’s bidding
  • Table Monitors (3:00 – 9:00 pm) – (10) – This role is in the heart of the action, observing guests and encouraging and helping them to place bids on items; answer questions as necessary; and at the close of the auction and/or of the event, call upon volunteers necessary to assist any guests to their car.
  • Table Monitor Leads (3:00 – 9:00 pm) – (2) – These roles are key to supporting all Table Monitors.  You additionally work with runners to gather table monitors’ auction bid sheets and get them to check out for recording.
  • Greeters (4:00 – 6:00 pm) – (2) – Welcome guests and direct them to registration and coat check.
  • Door Monitors (8:30 – 9:15 pm) – (2) – Thank guests for coming and arrange for any help they may need in getting items to their cars.
  • Homecoming Court (3:00 – 6:30 pm) – (12) – This role is exclusive to current grantees and alumni.  The role’s only requirement is that you attend our Homecoming Kick Off Party, where an identifiable sash/nametag  and be present to mingle with guests and share your story.  You can fulfill other roles as part of the Homecoming Court as well, if you would like to.  For example, you can be a Silent Auction Table Monitor, recognized as an Alumni and share your story while mingling with guests and overseeing your auction tables, or you can simply be available to guests as a member of the Homecoming Court.

Ongoing Volunteer Roles:

  • Dessert Dash - (1-2 Coordinators) – Our dessert dash will be a hit if we recruit the desserts and get them to the venue.  This role invites someone with a sweet tooth to inspire local bakers to provide the necessary desserts for Homecoming’s Dessert Dash (up to 30 desserts needed – some already recruited).  Coordinator(s) will facilitate, with transporters, for pick up and delivery.  We have a list of approachable bakers that will need added to.
  • Dessert Dash - (4-6 Transporters) – Work collectively with our Dessert Dash Coordinator to schedule and perform pick up of desserts from appropriate bakers and deliver them to the Lynnwood Convention Center.  Your work will be ongoing, coordinating with the Dessert Dash Coordinator, and then delivery will be Friday, October 17 and/or Saturday, October 18.

Check back often as roles may change!

For more information or to volunteer for any of these openings:

Contact Lindsay Miller – Homecoming Volunteer Coordinator
( or 206-501-8310)

Bonnie Meyers, 2013 Fruit and Flower Award Winner



Reaping the benefit of inspirational members, donors and volunteers, Seattle Milk Fund has been serving local families for more than a century strong.  Enthusiastically providing countless hours of time, talent and treasure, SMF volunteers have built a 107 year old agency with loving support over the decades.

Hundreds of steadfast SMF Volunteers have worked to make the world a better place by reducing the struggles of those less fortunate.  And, although our mission has evolved over the decades, the focus has stayed consistent to our belief in strengthening our community.  Today, we do this by proactively helping families achieve self-sufficiency by removing financial barriers, such as childcare costs.

Last year, our volunteers helped us to award 109 families’ childcare grants, funding 167 children’s childcare so that their mother or father could work to obtain a secondary education and the possibility toward earning a higher wage. By the hundreds, volunteers’ time and talent make our efforts possible.  Allowing our events, programs and campaigns to shine, these same volunteers have increased our fund and friend-raising efforts throughout our community.

When Arrange the Change went in search of the meaning of volunteerism, findings included taking time out of one’s life to help others, putting the needs of others first for a cause or something one believes in, and giving back to provide help where it is truly needed.  A common denominator included doing acts without being told or forced, rather by one’s own motivation. Born out of this culture of giving effortlessly, in 1990, Seattle Milk Fund created the Seattle Milk Fund Fruit and Flower Award, recognizing an individual whose dedication and effortless volunteering exceeds those around them.

Many nonprofits receive an outpouring of generous support over the holidays, yet struggle with year around support.   We help strengthen families living within 250% of the poverty limits day in and day out, therefore, we count on our volunteers all year long.   And, as a full-fledged fundraising organization, our efforts encompass year-round events, campaigns and efforts that raise friends and funds, ongoing, in order to provide quarterly grants and family support ongoing.

Thus, our volunteers work hard, throughout the year, every year, in order to keep our mission viable. In years past, Fruit and Flower Nominations have been voted by circles, providing 10-13 annual nominees.  This year, the vote went to all members.  Doing so provided us more than 60 nominations with an overwhelming response of nearly 65% nominating one member who exemplified:

  • Commitment to SMF
  • Ability to meet challenges and give positive input
  • Displaying loyalty
  • Contributing time and talent to SMF
  • Supporting SMF programs and fundraising endeavors
  • Expressing a vision for the future of SMF

Our 2012 co-winner, longtime member and Past President, Carolyn Baker announced this year’s winner and good friend Bonnie Meyers. With an overwhelming outpouring of support from our membership, Bonnie was nominated for her absolutely positive, tireless, hard work, and never shunning any job!    Click here to read more about Bonnie and her award!


Children Benefit with Seattle Milk Fund

Toddlers and Tires(Straight)

Aside from the fact that child care is a necessity for our grantees’ children, the benefits of positive, licensed care are countless.  Child care builds creativity within even the smallest of child,  preparing them for school and for life.

Thanks to the BIGheartedness of our donors, members and volunteers, we  continue to open doors for children and families, supporting healthy  learning for both parents and  children!  Our  recipients’  positive appreciation for our support, reassures us in the work we are doing. Read More…



Children Do Better When Their Families Do Better

Vos Family 8By providing childcare, education and  family support grants, Seattle Milk Fund is decreasing the likelihood a child lives in poverty and strengthening a family for generations!

Because we know that a higher education is one of the most effective ways a parent can raise their family’s  income, we work to remove the financial barrier of childcare costs and provide access to college  educations that in turn provide the possibility for securing a living wage.

Read More…